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    What is Quality? My Simple thoughts........



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    What is Quality? My Simple thoughts........

    Post by Admin on Mon Nov 14, 2016 6:48 pm

    I was conducting a research online yesterday and found that a lot of Nigerians do not understand the concept of Quality. So i have decided to explain this concept as simple as possible to the best of my knowledge.

    Quality was defined by wikipedia "as fitness for purpose, a perceptual, conditional, and somewhat subjective attribute and may be understood differently by different people." In manufacturing for example, to the customer, Quality is meeting or exceeding the specification of a particular product. To an Operations Manager, it means meeting or exceeding daily targets using minimum resources (High efficiency {Man power and Equipment}, No delays, No rejects, No reworks). To the internal customers like Marketing department, having the right feedback from production about the production plan, quantity of goods to be produced and the status of those already produced.

    You can see that Quality is a broad subject and its core is satisfying the needs of your internal and external customers. Now you might be wondering who these internal and external customers are.
    An internal customer is a person or a group of persons within an organisation requiring the service of another person or a group of persons in other to carry out his or their roles.
    External customers on the other hand are the end users of a particular product or service.

    Customers requirement is an integral part of Quality. Therefore organisations must as a prerequisite know what their customers need. They must make sure that they not only meet and exceed these requirements but also remain consistent in the delivery of such product or service. The technique used to achieve this is known as Quality Management System.

    Quality Management System structures procedures and processes step by step allowing each process to be repeatable and traceable. It then means that there is a way you are allowed to do things. Just like a constitution that uphold the sanity of a country, QMS upholds the sanity of a business organisation. All Nigerian organisations are supposed to be working on this principle to improve their products and services. The sooner we key into this concept of Quality, the better it will be for us as a nation.

    Quality is very technical and involves a more in-depth study, but with cooperation and team work, it is achievable. It is worth investing in, it results in organisations that have been implementing it has proved overtime to achieve the cooperate goals of such organisations and above all increase their business sustainability and return on investment.

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