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    Upgrading to ISO 9001:2015


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    Upgrading to ISO 9001:2015

    Post by QAspecial on Sun Oct 16, 2016 6:58 pm

    Hi all
    I have seen a lot of information regarding the changes in Iso 9001 2015, but at first, is not so easy to evaluate how much work has to be done to do the upgrade.
    In my case, when the version 2008 is working well , for me, the easy way to upgrade it, would be to modify the minimal information, not to change everything according which is requested by the standard.
    Ill explain, If I already have the 6 mandatory procedures in 2008, and 2015 does not require a specific quantity, well, I ll try to let them as they are,for the case of current records, I would keep, same thing happens with the quality manual, I would keep it, even when is not required, I only would modify clauses numbers and edit which is necessary, it will serve me as a reference,and similar situation occurs with other information.
    Have you happened a case like this, and want to share the experiences?
    I mean for the upgrade not to start from scratch, following the standard,row by row.
    but to keep most of the information already working in 2008 and just to add which is mandatory for 2015.
    For example for the risk, to have like a matrix mentioning
    all the risks, evaluating them and taking actions.

    For the rest of changes trying to modify or eliminate the current procedures, formats, working instructions.

    Please share your experiences, is it possible to do it this way?


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